Car Interiors

Since 2007 we have been providing quality repair and for the interiors of an everyday automobile, custom sports cars, or classic cars. I remember restoring the unique baseball-glove-like stitching on the edges of a car seat, and we applied a protective sealant to a signature of a race car driver, in silver marker, on the passenger side dashboard of an Austin Martin. And with just as much joy we worked repaired a burnhole on the backseat of a car, after someone smoked and needed to hide the burn hole damage from his significant other...
More importantly, besides memorable events, people don't realize that for a fraction of the cost of their vehicle, they can have their interior restored. Often times wear and tear occurs on the driver's seat as a result of moving in and out of the vehicle: it doesn't matter if one weighs 100 or 200 pounds. Over time, this will appear more as damage.

The combination of leather as well as vinyl is used in many car seats, but is inappropriate use and results in defaults in the vinyl panels. But did you know that the terms “leatherette” as a luxurious interior in a Volvo XC90 is like vinyl, and that an Audi Q7 carries leather interior, but actually is combination again, of leather and vinyl in an almost $60K car? We don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but we will always be honest in providing an opinion about the feasibility of a repair. We can repair vinyl, but I only like wine and cheese aged, not vinyl.
Our valuable service is available to you and comes with a warranty. Contact us today for repairs and restorations to Leather, Vinyl and Plastics in YOUR vehicle and see what we can do for you tomorrow.
We make repairs to:

Leather Seats
Door Panels
Middle Consoles
Gear Levers
Storage Pockets
Floor and Carpet
Fabric Upholstered Seats
Side Panels
Trim and Plastics
and More

Want to do it yourself? Not recommended. How to properly repair a car seat, check out the following information rewritten from Automedia.

Contact us today and get YOUR car interior repaired of restored.

Our extensive list of testimonials from when the company was active in the Chicagoland area is proof of how we perform. Contact us today and receive pricing on your project tomorrow.