Specializing in the Repair, Restoration and Renewal of Leather, Vinyl, and Fabric upholstery materials, Leather Repair OC, LLC will come up with a solution to a wide variety of damages with our technical experience. Since 2007.

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- Home Furniture - Vehicle Interiors - Aviation -
- Dental Medical - Office - Marine - Other Commercial -


Ripped, torn, worn, faded, or chewed by a dog? Cut, Burned or Stained? We come to you, make lasting repairs, and create the custom color on-site. No hassle. Contact us Today, Receive pricing Tomorrow.


Car seats in particular are heavily used and their strong and sturdy make up, can cause wear on different areas such as the bolster areas on both the seat and backrest portion. Other areas in automotive we work on are door panels, steering wheels, and more.


Accidents happen. Wear and Tear? Have Leather Repair OC, LLC restore and repair any upholsteries from restaurant booths, to lobby and meeting room furniture, and more. This service offers real value compared to replacement.


Patient tables in Hospitals and Clinics, as well as Chiropractor benches and chairs, or massage tables all can get tears, cuts or discolorations. Or the expensive Dental chair? We can make beautiful, lasting repairs for a fraction of the cost of putting new material on the equipment.

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We CUSTOM MATCH the colors of your project On-Site

Yes, its true: while in your Home, Hotel, Dentist Practice, Restaurant, Dealership, or literally anywhere else, I promise to

CUSTOM MATCH the color of your project.

After the repair and restoration of the upholstery, I mix and match YOUR color from my exclusive selection in my kit. And...
Included a custom sheen finish to top it off:. Light colors, dark colors, brown sofas, blue chairs, green ottoman, mixed colors, savages (multiple colors in one surface). In the gallery you can see plenty of examples of work I completed since 2007. Now i look forward to working on your project.