Hi Ivar, it was great to see you again today. I always appreciate your quick response to my calls. I can tell that you value your customers as you show up on time for your appointments. It’s difficult to find any repair person who can manage to stay on schedule. I love the fact that you travel to my home to make the repairs to my car’s leather seat and arm rest. This type of service saves me so much time in my day.
The work you do is just amazing. I can barely tell where the tear was in the car seat. Your colors match so well to my car’s leather interior. I’m sure anyone else just looking at the seat would never know that a repair had been done. The work you did on my car’s arm rest completely changed the look of my car and I’m sure it increased the value as well.
You went above and beyond the repair I requested today by cleaning the rest of the seat and buffing out some imperfections in the seat. Your customer service is amazing.
My friend was also very impressed with your work on her leather sofa. We always talk about what a great job you did.
I highly recommend your service to anyone looking to repair their leather items.
Thanks again for the wonderful service.